Hope Coin One Time Purchase

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Each Hope Challenge Pouch sold provides a Hope Challenge Pouch to a school, helping children across America participate in the Hope Challenge. 

The Hope Coin One Time Purchase gives you one Hope Challenge Pouch that contains 7 Hope Coins. 

If you are wanting to become a Hope Warrior and participate in the Hope Challenge every month, we recommend signing up for our Hope Coin subscription. Before the beginning of every month, we will send you a Hope Challenge Pouch with 7 Hope Coins. This guarantees you will be ready to start your kindness ripples and complete each month’s Hope Challenge!  

The Hope Coin One Time Purchase Includes: 

  • Hope Challenge Pouch 
  • 7 Hope Coins w/ unique Hope ID’s so you can track your coin 
  • Access to the Hope Coin Tracker

The Hope Challenge

1) Hope Week takes place the first week of every month (1st-7th). During Hope Week, commit to doing an act of kindness every day. Once you’ve completed your act of kindness for someone else, give them one of your Hope Coins. 

2) Before you pass along your coin, take a picture of your kind act if possible and write down the Hope ID found on your coin. 

3) Use the Coin Tracker to record your kind act using your Hope ID. Now you can come back often and watch your kindness ripple grow as your coin is passed from good deed to good deed.