Even if you didn’t participate in the creation of the Flag by dipping your hand in paint, you can still play a major role in spreading hope. 100% of profits from our Hope Boxes and Hope Coins go directly to the Flag for Hope Foundation and the Flag For Hope Tour.

Flag For Hope Foundation

The Flag for Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization with one goal: to instill hope in children from a young age and teach them how to be beacons of hope for others. Every month, our Kids for Hope program provides free Hope Coins to school children from all over the U.S. so they can participate in Hope Week. In addition to free Hope Coins, Kids for Hope provides schools with materials to teach children that the simple acts of kindness they do with their coins are the secret to changing our world.

The Flag for Hope Tour

The finished flag is currently being prepared for its final tour across America before it is placed in a National Museum. Because of its unique artistry, the Flag for Hope must be prepared in a way that showcases both the front and the back.  Once this is complete, the flag will make one last journey across America, spreading hope everywhere it goes.