An Epic Journey To Unite America

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The Flag For Hope is a living, breathing tapestry that holds the DNA of America and stands as a symbol of hope. The Flag’s epic journey began at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before traveling more than 300,000 miles and visiting over 500 locations. Over the course of 18 months, visionary artist Marcos Antonio helped more than 4,000 Americans from across the country, dip their hands in paint and place it on a 9’ x 5’ canvas to create the Flag For Hope. 

The 50 stars were painted by inspirational American icons, chosen not only for their personal achievements, but also their commitment to serving others and spreading hope. After painting a star with their finger, each American icon signed their name on the back of the Flag.

The Flag for Hope is a true National Treasure and serves as a constant reminder that we are more alike than we are different. Every day we are bombarded with messages of hate, negativity and divisiveness. It’s up to us to come together, be kind to each other and spread hope.

Flag For Hope’s 50 Stars

Stars were hand painted by Muhammad Ali, Gloria Estefan, Tom Selleck, Sandra Day O’Connor, Jack Nicklaus and a host of other men and women who stand as beacons of hope.

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Artist Marcos Antonio

Visionary Artist Marcos Antonio has one goal: to unite America with art.

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Where Profits Go

100% of profits go to the Flag For Hope Foundation and the Flag For Hope tour.

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