Tom Dreesen Flag for Hope Star

We are pleased to have Tom Dreesen add his star to the Flag for Hope!

Tom Dreesen is a Navy Veteran, philanthropist, comedian and actor. As a proud veteran of the United States Navy, Tom performs for US troops all over the world, and appeared at numerous bases in Iraq. He was a 2005 recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Please take a moment and welcome Mr. Tom Dreesen to the Flag for Hope.

Tom Dreesen Flag for Hope Star

Tom Dreesen Flag for Hope Star

You may not know, but for years Tom had close friendship with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, touring with them across the country for 13 years. Frank Sinatra, called himself a “saloon singer,” and characterized Dreesen as a “saloon comedian.” “We’re a couple of neighborhood kind of guys,” said Sinatra.

Tom has appeared many times in Las Vegas, Tahoe, Reno and Atlantic City. He has preformed with artists including: Sammy Davis, Jr., Smokey Robinson, Liza Minnelli, Natalie Cole and others entertainers.


With over 500 appearances on national television as a stand-up comedian, including more that 60 appearances on The Tonight Show, you can say that he has been a staple on late night TV. He was a frequent guest of David Letterman and even hosted the show in Letterman’s absence.

Tom’s TV appearances were made on Columbo and Murder She Wrote. He has also been in numerous motion pictures including:  Man on the Moon and Spaceballs. He had his own TV comedy special “Dreesen Street” and hosted a late night talk show called Night Time Starring Tom Dreesen that aired out of Chicago.

According to Tom’s website he is currently appearing around the country in his one-man show “An Evening of Laughter and Memories of Sinatra.” Daily Variety called him “a thorough pro…one of the most respected family comedians of our time.”

The Great Comedians author Larry Wilde said about Tom’s performances. “Excellent Material, Impeccable Timing, Tom Dreesen is the quintessential Comedian.”

Dreesen has made his mark with his great philanthropic activities. Over the past 30 years, Tom has lent his talent to over 100 charities. He founded a “Day for Darlene” to benefit Multiple Sclerosis Research. He ran 26 miles on three occasions for this charity event, which is named for his late sister who was afflicted with MS.”

Please take a moment and welcome Mr. Tom Dreesen to the Flag for Hope Project supporting Unity, Peace, Honor and Patriotism!

What is Flag for Hope?

The Flag for Hope Project was started to help promote Unity and Peace among all Americans.

The Flag symbolically represents thousands of Americans holding hands without conflict or hatred. We are all one country and one people.  The Flag for Hope is NOT political.  It is about patriotism and coming together as a country.  NOW IS THE TIME!!!

The Flag Project is also about honor and respect for the men and women that have proudly worn a United States military uniform and fought for our freedoms. Flag for Hope is a reminder that Freedom Isn’t Free.  Many have sacrificed for the privileges that we all have today. This Flag signifies appreciation and gratitude for those individuals who serve in our communities like teachers, police, fire, doctors and nurses. It calls us to remember all Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of both foreign and domestic enemy attacks. If an American is harmed ANYWHERE, we all suffer and mourn.

The team is led by U.S. Army veteran Marcos Antonio.  This epic mission was started at the Indianapolis 500 on May 23, 2015. Our goal is to collect approximately 3,000 – 4,000 American hand and finger impressions on a giant canvas to create the United States of America National Flag. We will accomplish this by going to over a 150 cities and roughly 300 – 400 locations.  Each participant will place their impression on the flag in either red, white, or blue paint. There will be 50 American Olympians that put their impression on the flag representing the 50 states and showing the solidarity of the entire nation.

Lastly, the 50 stars on the flag will be iconic Americans that have greatly contributed to the strength and well being of our country.  These individuals have inspired, empowered, and encouraged their fellow citizens through their actions as pioneers, role models, and leaders in our society.  They come from all backgrounds and embody the essence of the American spirit.

This historic project has never been attempted before and we will finish when every last American can fill the limited space on our 9×5 canvas panel. Finally, the Flag for Hope will be donated to a national museum like the Smithsonian for all Americans to view for generations to come.

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