Four thousand Americans created the Flag for Hope


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The Flag for Hope is a celebration of America – our national flag created with 4,000 hand and finger impressions on canvas – it represents our unity as a country, our honor for those who have sacrificed in our service, and our shared hope for peace and prosperity.

We went on a 300,000 mile adventure to over 500 different locations to reveal the authentic American Spirit. No agenda. No politics. Just a passion to make a difference and bring a message of unity, honor and peace. We went everywhere – homes, churches, veteran’s homes, parks, city streets, places of great tragedy, and symbols of America’s history. We talked to anyone who would talk to us. No one was ever turned away.

The 50 stars on The Flag for Hope were personally painted by American Icons. Our 50 Stars were selected because they have inspired, empowered, or encouraged Americans to do something extraordinary. They are Champions, Scientists, Artists, Heroes, Pioneers… 

The result is a bona-fide National Treasure.