Coghlin Companies Team Takes the Flag for Hope Pledge

Coghlin Companies Team Takes the Flag for Hope Pledge The Flag for Hope Pledge promotes Unity, Honor and Peace for all Americans by describing behaviors that we can all agree are positive ways to build community. Westborough, MA. March 8, 2017 –At 11:00am, on March 2, more than 50 employees of Coghlin Companies stood together [...]

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Lt. Brian David Sweeney Flag for Hope Star

Lt. Brian David Sweeney an honorable man who fought for his country On September 11, 2001, at age 38, Brian D. Sweeney paid the ultimate price when America was attacked. He was onboard United Airlines Flight 175 traveling to Los Angeles when hijackers took control of the aircraft. The hijackers flew the aircraft into the south [...]

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4th Generation Army Veteran Shares what the American Flag Means to Him

Watch this 4th Generation Army veteran share what the American Flag means to him. Flag for Hope honors the sacrifice and service of our veterans and active military, as well as first responders - police, fire, EMT. It is so important to give them the opportunity to tell their stories... these are the true heroes and [...]

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Dallas Cowboys feature Flag for Hope on 9/11

  Flag for Hope Will Be Featured at the Dallas Cowboys Game vs. NY Giants on September 11, 2016 On September 11, 2016, we will reignite our patriotism and compassion that unified our nation following the terrorist attacks in 2001. With the support and leadership of the Dallas Cowboys and its organization, we will inspire [...]

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“It’s a living breathing tapestry” Texas Mom talks about The Flag For Hope

    "It's a living, breathing tapestry..." Participating in The Flag for Hope affects each one of the 3,700 Americans differently. Listen to this mom in Texas describe what The Flag for Hope means to her.  This video was filmed at the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin, TX just after she and [...]

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Flag for Hope in Kansas

Flag for Hope in Kansas – March 6, 2016 Flag for Hope in Kansas had a phenomenal time while visiting the Kansas University Basketball team. We met coach Bill Self and the entire nationally ranked  team. […]

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Flag for Hope in Maryland

Flag for Hope Maryland Flag for Hope in Maryland was fantastic. We visited Club One in Chester Maryland where we were treated to a wonderful time with a group of philanthropic, proud Americans. […]

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Captain Florent Groberg Adds his Star to the Flag for Hope

Captain Florent Groberg Adds his Star to the Flag for Hope. On November 12th Captain was presented the Medal of Honor by President Obama at the White House. Captain Florent Groberg’s Actions in Afghanistan on August 8th 2012 Groberg’s patrol observed several motorcyclists in his area. Groberg also spotted a lone individual near the left [...]

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