Shelly: American Messages of Hope

Shelly: "I'd like to honor them by placing my finger print on the flag..." Shelly placed her hand impression in Seattle, WA on October 28, 2015. Shelly placed her impression in honor of her family members who served. Shelly is one of more than 4,000 Americans who provided hand and finger impressions to create The [...]

Beverly: American Messages of Hope

Beverly: "My Son is a war veteran..." Beverly placed her hand impression in Greenville, SC on July 26, 2015. Beverly reflects on her son's service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and her belief that the American Flag stands for Peace. Beverly is one of more than 4,000 Americans who provided hand and finger impressions to create [...]

Flag for Hope visits Greenville, South Carolina Brothers

Flag for Hope Greenville South Carolina brothers in law Jonathan Chaney and Tito Baksh are not your typical brothers. First, they don’t look anything alike. But, spend a few minutes with them and the camaraderie is unmistakable. They can joke and banter with the best of them. Ask them if they are [...]

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Greenville SC Photo Gallery

During the Flag for Hope Project visit to Greenville SC, we thought we would share some of the photos that were taken. We added the Greenville SC Photo Gallery page to our website. The Flag for Hope Project will also be visiting: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode [...]

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Flag For Hope Visit to Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Heidi Heilbrunn from the Greenville News spent a couple of hours with us at the Shriner's Hospital for Children, Greenville, South Carolina on Thursday July 29, 2015. She did a great job capturing the essence of what the Flag For Hope was all about in images. Check out the Greenville News Features Flag [...]

Flag For Hope Visits Greenville S.C. Shriner’s Hospital

Flag For Hope Visits Greenville S.C. Shriner's Hospital for Children, Greenville on July 29, 2015. Fox Carolina was on hand to capture some of the excitement of participants as they placed their hands on the canvas. For the full story please follow the link:   What is Flag for Hope? Flag for [...]