Flag for Hope Challenge Coins - Best Stocking Stuffer Ever

Exclusive Flag for Hope Challange Coins – Now Available!

Commemorate taking the Flag for Hope Pledge and challenge others to take the pledge with these breath-taking coins. More than ever, our country needs unity, honor and peace for all Americans. Proudly display your beautifully boxed, Deluxe 2″ Commemorative Coin and share the amazing story of the Flag for Hope. Give Flag for Hope Challenge Coins to challenge others to take the pledge, to thank someone for their service, or to recognize exemplary behavior.

History of the Challenge Coin

Challenge Coins surfaced during the World War II era. The practice of carrying a coin designed specifically for a unit was popular with the Army Special Forces. Carrying the coin at all times and presenting it when “challenged” to prove affiliation with that unit resulted in a number of consequences for those who could not produce a coin. The most popular required the coinless soldier to buy a round of drinks. That practice continues to be popular today.

Your Flag for Hope Pledge Challenge Coins

Based on the same concept, carrying and giving a Flag for Hope Pledge Challenge Coin shows your affiliation with a movement to promote Unity, Honor, and Peace for all Americans. It symbolizes that you believe that living by the four codes of conduct outlined in the pledge will result in a greater, more prosperous America for all. 

While we can’t make you buy a round of drinks, we can encourage you to proudly display your commemorative coin and to “enlist” others in our movement by giving out challenge coins and asking the people in your life to take the pledge.