Patriotic Americans Support Flag for Hope Project

Patriotic Americans are participating in the Flag for Hope Project all across America.

Patriotic Americans

What is Flag for Hope?
Flag for Hope is a social movement of people all across America coming together to recognize our shared humanity, and to unite in harmony.

It’s a message of peace and hope for our future as one people, and our connection to the rest of the global community. It’s a way of viewing our place in this great country, and in the world, a view that celebrates our commonality, and puts aside the differences that separate us.

It’s America’s chapter in Impressions of Humanity, an epic and monumental humanitarian art project the likes of which has never been created. Marcos Antonio, artist, is helping the world to create its own work of art by leaving hand impressions on a canvas. When complete, the canvas will constitute the largest single piece of art in the world, made up of 960 panels from every country on the globe. Each country will be represented by 5,000 individuals invited to make their impression.

The ultimate goals of “Impressions of Humanity” are:
1. To make a world peace canvas where people worldwide will be holding hands without conflict.
2. To celebrate everything we have in common: Our Humanity.
3. To erase everything that separates humanity.
4. To give a voice to people who do not have one.
5. To immortalize one million people worldwide

When complete, Marcos will donate the global canvas to be placed in a museum as his gift to future generations. He is creating an electronic database of a photo and video clip of each participant leaving his or her impression on the canvas.

Imagine being one of the 5,000 people, here in the United States, who get to be part of this moment in history. In Flag for Hope, you have a chance to be part of history and be immortalized along with 1 million other people around the world. We invite you to be part of humanity.

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Ways to Help: Flag for Hope Project!

Patriotic Americans Get Involved.
Flag for Hope is first and foremost a social movement, and as such is only as powerful as the collective energy we all bring to it. We need volunteers in every state we bring the Flag to. This includes assisting and interacting with the participants, setting up the location, and maintaining the equipment and supplies. If you wish to volunteer, please e-mail us here.

Patriotic Americans Make Your Impression.
Come to an event in your state, bring some friends, and leave your print on the Flag (space is limited). Partake in the ultimate expression of our shared humanity. Even if you can’t get your handprint on the canvas, we invite you to join the celebration of all we have in common as Americans by submitting a video of yourself telling us what the Flag means to you.

Patriotic Americans Spread The Word.
Tell your friends about the Flag for Hope, share our photos, schedule and stories on your social networks and encourage more people to participate in the conversation. This is how our movement of unity will gain momentum across the country and spread our message of hope.

Patriotic Americans Show Your Support.
Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and let your friends, family and co-workers know that you’re a supporter of the Flag for Hope and our mission of togetherness.

Patriotic Americans Nominate A Friend.
Record and submit a one-minute video of yourself telling us about someone you know who is notably patriotic and who you think deserves individual recognition from the Flag for Hope team. We’ll pick a winner and bring the Flag right to their hometown to get his or her impression.

Patriotic Americans Support Flag for Hope Project