What is The Flag for Hope?

The Flag for Hope Promotes Unity, Honor, and Peace for All Americans

The Flag for Hope is a National Treasure.

It is a huge 9’x5′ American Flag formed by the hand and finger impressions of more than 4,000 Americans representing every race, every culture, every background. The blue field and red and white stripes were created by more than 500 veterans, hundreds of police, fire and rescue, numerous Olympians and notable sports figures, business leaders, community leaders, pioneers in medicine and science, and wonderful everyday American patriots. The oldest participant was 104, the youngest was just three days old.  The 50 Stars on The Flag for Hope were personally painted by 50 Iconic Americans, chosen for both their individual achievements and their exceptional service to others.

As we traveled more than 300,000 miles criss-crossing the country, we were inspired by the positivity, hope and patriotism that exists all over America. The Flag symbolizes thousands of Americans holding hands without conflict or hatred. We are one country and one people.  The Flag for Hope is not about the politics of the day. It is a solemn reminder that, as a nation, we must elevate our behavior toward one another. We must honor our flag and the freedoms it represents. Now, more than ever, we must unite to bring peace and prosperity for all Americans.  Read More

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