Next Stop New Orleans

Next Stop New Orleans has been quite an adventure traveling through this great country gathering your impressions. We have had a chance to explore the unique cultures of several states, and everything our team has seen reinforces the message that although we are all different, we are still a part of one amazing whole: humanity. Next, we are excited to take a trip to a place that is often referred to as ‘America’s Most Interesting City;’ festive New Orleans!

unnamedNext Stop: New Orleans! with our time in Louisiana is sure will be memorable as we head to one of the most culturally diverse places in the States. New Orleans is well known for it’s music, amazing cuisine, and rich heritage of French and Spanish ancestry. A quick stroll through areas like The French Quarter feel like a trip back in time. In fact, there are twenty National Register Historic Districts established within city limits to protect the beautiful and historical architecture.

Next Stop New Orleans
The French Quarter is our first stop, where we will be setting up shop outside the famous Café Du Monde. This cafe is simple but classic, featuring a simple menu of beignets, chicory-blended coffee, milk (white or chocolate if coffee isn’t your thing), and orange juice. These offerings are inspired by traditional New Orleans cuisine, and reflect it’s history. During the Civil War, residents mixed coffee with chicory as a supplement during coffee shortages; and the beignet is a delicious powdered pastry courtesy of the French, similar to a donut or fried dough. Surely, this will be the perfect stop to get our first taste of the Big Easy!

We will also be visiting several historical landmarks, including the Watson Memorial Teaching Ministry where we will collect impressions from the talented members of their church choir and the Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church with Rev. Reginald Varnado, Sr. We look forward to meeting with people who do so much for their local communities and collecting their impressions for the Flag.

City Park will be another memorable stop on our trip. Well-known for its amazing 1,300 acres of Flag for Hope New Orleanscarefully cultivated gardens, the park has been maintained since 1854, making it one of the nation’s oldest urban parks. The wild, mossy backdrops of this flourishing oasis have set the scene for parties, dances and even deadly duels of honor for generations. These days the park is a peaceful place where guests can explore the floral abundance of the Botanical Garden, or take in the art of the Besthoff Sculpture Garden.  The park’s rich history is best represented by the ancient stand of oaks at it’s heart. The oldest trees, the Anseman Oak and the McDonogh Oak, are between 600–900 years old.
New Orleans is a vibrant place, full of unquenchable vitality. The recent past has been a trying time for many of the city’s residents, but the area has shown remarkable strength in its continued recovery. Its’ citizens are world-famous for their warmth, resilience, and hospitality. We are more than excited to share our message of hope and unity with the people of New Orleans who surely know, first hand, what it means to stand together.