Marcos Antonio Artist for Flag for Hope Project

Marcos Antonio is the artist for the Flag for Hope project that is reaching out to the people of the United States.

Marcos Antonio was born in a small town in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. He became a laborer at the age of 5 to help support his family of 11. In 1971, the family emigrated to New York and a few years later Marcos Antonio enlisted in the US Army, where he served for six years for his new country.

He later acquired a business degree and became the owner of a cosmetic line. He sold his successful business in 1994 to dedicate himself entirely to painting, his life long passion. Marcos Antonio has exhibited his art work on three continents and has spoken about Latin American art at museums and galleries.

In 2009 Marcos Antonio started the global art project Impressions of Humanity. Marcos is helping humanity to create its own work of art by documenting humanity with a photo and a film clip leaving hand impressions on a canvas. He Impressions of Humanity work has taken Marcos so far to: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Ecuador, Sweden, Norway and Italy.

The Flag for Hope project is a part of the Impressions of Humanity, by creating an American flag of handprints from over 5,000 people across the United States.

The Flag for Hope project was started to help promote UNITY among all Americans. It is about honor and respect for the men and women that have proudly worn a United States Military Uniform and fought for our freedoms. It signifies appreciation and gratitude for those individuals who serve in our communities like police, fire, teachers, doctors and nurses. It calls us to remember all Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of both foreign and domestic enemy attacks. We are all one country and one people. If an American is harmed ANYWHERE, we all suffer and mourn.