Jack Pritchard Adds Star to Flag for Hope

Jack Pritchard Adds Star to Flag for Hope

Flag for Hope and Jack Pritchard

Retired FDNY battalion Chief Jack Pritchard of Staten Island is a true American hero and a Star

From the 1970s through the 1990s, there were thousands of fires raging across New York City. All those fires had one thing in common: they were likely to have faced Jack Pritchard, New York city’s most decorated firefighter. We are honored and proud to announce Jack has become one of the first Stars on Flag for Hope!

We made plans to visit Jack in Staten at his home in New York. We met his family and as Marcos unwrapped the Flag, we saw the respect in Mr. Pritchard’s eyes. At his recording we asked if there was a message he would like to leave for the world. Jack recorded a video plea for all of us to get together and to rally around the Flag.

Jack’s career in the Fire Department of New York was heralded by many as that of a hero. A simple search of Google will offer many examples and we suggest you spend some time getting to know why people call Jack a hero. Jack was given command of Engine 255 on Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn. His firefighters would soon be reputed as “Captain Jack’s Jolly Rogers”. On March 27th, 1992 Engine 255 arrived at a fire to find an injured firefighter being pulled from the building after unsuccessfully attempting to rescue a 70-year-old man.

Flag for Hope Jack Pritchard

Flag for Hope Jack Pritchard

Impatient and realizing he didn’t have to wait for orders as he was already in charge, Pritchard charged into the inferno, safety equipment be damned. He found the man, on fire, in his bed. Not hesitating, Pritchard extinguished the flames himself and dragged him out of the building.
He spent the next two months recovering from his burns in the hospital.

Then in July of 1998, Engine 255 pulled up to a fire where Jack Pritchard would perform the most famous heroics of his career. After learning there was an infant trapped in a crib on the fourth floor, Pritchard fearlessly entered the building to locate the baby.

Flag for Hope Jack Pritchard Bike picture

Flag for Hope Jack Pritchard Harley

After taking flames directly to his unprotected face, Pritchard located the baby, still alive. Unfortunately, flames were dangerously close to the top of the crib, preventing him from lifting the baby to safety. Using his un-gloved hands, Pritchard grabbed the melting crib and began dragging it out of the room. Breathing carbon monoxide and severely burning his hand the whole way, he dragged the crib to his fellow firefighters where they assisted in rescuing the infant. For this, Jack Pritchard was awarded his second Bennett medal the highest award possible in the FDNY. (Reference: uniformstories.com/)


What is Flag for Hope?

The Flag for Hope Project was started to help promote Unity and Peace among all Americans.

The Flag symbolically represents thousands of Americans holding hands without conflict or hatred. We are all one country and one people.  The Flag for Hope is NOT political.  It is about patriotism and coming together as a country.  NOW IS THE TIME!!!

The Flag Project is also about honor and respect for the men and women that have proudly worn a United States military uniform and fought for our freedoms. Flag for Hope is a reminder that Freedom Isn’t Free.  Many have sacrificed for the privileges that we all have today. This Flag signifies appreciation and gratitude for those individuals who serve in our communities like teachers, police, fire, doctors and nurses. It calls us to remember all Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of both foreign and domestic enemy attacks. If an American is harmed ANYWHERE, we all suffer and mourn.

The team is led by U.S. Army veteran Marcos Antonio.  This epic mission was started at the Indianapolis 500 on May 23, 2015. Our goal is to collect approximately 3,000 – 4,000 American hand and finger impressions on a giant canvas to create the United States of America National Flag. We will accomplish this by going to over a 150 cities and roughly 300 – 400 locations.  Each participant will place their impression on the flag in either red, white, or blue paint. There will be 50 American Olympians that put their impression on the flag representing the 50 states and showing the solidarity of the entire nation.

Lastly, the 50 stars on the flag will be iconic Americans that have greatly contributed to the strength and well being of our country.  These individuals have inspired, empowered, and encouraged their fellow citizens through their actions as pioneers, role models, and leaders in our society.  They come from all backgrounds and embody the essence of the American spirit.

This historic project has never been attempted before and we will finish when every last American can fill the limited space on our 9×5 canvas panel. Finally, the Flag for Hope will be donated to a national museum like the Smithsonian for all Americans to view for generations to come.

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Click on the video plea from Jack to hear what he has to say to America! Unity, Respect, and Peace!

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Flag for Hope team