North Carolina – July 25, 2015

North Carolina has been a trip we’ve been looking forward to for months. The weather, the people and the sites had us wondering where we would begin. We arrived at the Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina and the capital was a great choice of starting points for the next leg of our journey. We’ve been collecting impressions for more than a month and the Flag is developing into a beautiful piece of historical art. We were so honored to meet the residents of North Carolina and adding their hardworking hands to our Flag! The photos and the videos did not disappoint.

downloadOur first stop was at the Twisted Mango to catch our breath and refuel. We took some great pictures with the staff there and the food was fantastic! Thanks so much for the hospitality Twisted Mango. The very next day we visited Sally’s YMCA in Greater Charlotte. The YMCA provides social activities, guidance and structure for young people from around the world ever since. We are grateful to the YMCA and to Amy Buchanan for offering to host our event. We took some great pictures and recorded proud American families talking about what the Flag means to them and shared some heartfelt stories about what it means to be an American.

Flag for Hope in North Carolina

Flag for Hope galleries
Charlotte NC Photo Gallery
Raleigh NC Photo Gallery