Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching, and now more than ever the Flag is a symbol of the unity and freedom on which this great country was founded. It seems fitting that for the most patriotic of holidays, our team is headed to a state that embodies the fighting spirit of America’s revolutionaries: Massachusetts!

massachusetts minutemen

Boston is a historical treasure with landmarks scattered throughout the entire city. The landmarks left behind by our Founding Fathers are often steps away from one another, especially if you’re following the Freedom Trail! Of course, the city isn’t the only exciting landmark to visit. As one of the original thirteen United States, Massachusetts harbors a plethora of historical sites for our team to explore.

One such site is the town of Plimoth Plantation. The state of Massachusetts has kept the memory of America’s forefathers alive with an historically accurate recreation of the Pilgrim’s first home. Plimoth Plantation features historically accurate homes, working mills, farms, and actors who maintain the persona of pioneers living in the original New England colonies. Visitors can really get a sense of America’s beginning, and find a true understanding about how far our nation has come.

Flag for Hope will also be heading to the start line of the Boston Marathon, July 2nd, with Team Hoyt, the President of Easter Seals, and Dave Seymour from Flipping Boston. The Marathon, always a big event for the state, gained international attention two years ago after a terrorist attack. Flag for Hope looks forward to being present at the start line this year to further spread the message of Unity that our Flag represents.

After the start line, the team will be heading into Boston itself to visit Copley Square, where we will be joined by a special surprise guest! Copley, a public square in Boston’s Back Bay area, is the location of the Boston Marathon finish line, and contains a variety of architectural and historical monuments. Among these are the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Public Library, and Trinity Church.

Massachusetts promises a lot of exciting opportunities, but that certainly is not all that New England has to offer! We have a lot of ground to cover, but the diversity and history that our Northeastern states display is irresistible! We’ll be visiting a pow wow with the Wamponog tribe, and seeing the sights all over Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. What better way is there to celebrate the birth of our nation than to tour the places that were so instrumental in forming what our nation has become. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates as we travel the country collecting impressions and discovering all the surprises New England has in store. See you soon, America!

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