After some unpredictable weather on our trip to the Northeast, Flag for Hope is happy to catch some rays in the Sunshine State! Our team has been soaking up that Florida sunshine all weekend and spreading the Flag for Hope message of unity. We’ve spent time on Fisher Island, strolling the streets, and discovering the stories of Miami’s diverse inhabitants. The crowd was warm, welcoming, and comprised of both native Floridians and visitors to the area, just like us!

Miami is one of America’s fastest growing cities, and stands out as one of the great melting pots of the country. The combination of picturesque beaches and a vivacious downtown activities attract people from all over the world to live there, and we can see why:

Flag For Hope Miami South Beach

We spent our first few days in Florida at South Beach, enjoying the atmosphere and getting to know the great people of Miami. The diversity the town has to offer makes Miami itself a wonderful example of unity for our nation, with cultures from all around the world joining together to give this city a special and unique identity.  From South Beach, the Flag for Hope took a special escort to the illustrious Fisher Island, where real estate agency Ocean Insiders was kind enough to host our team at the docks. It was a gorgeous day by the blue water and we gathered some wonderful impressions!

Flag For Hope Fisher Island Florida


“Flag for Hope is a social movement of people all across America coming together to recognize our shared humanity, and to unite in harmony….It’s a way of viewing our place in this great country, and in the world, a view that celebrates our commonality, and puts aside the differences that separate us.” – Ocean Insiders


Next, we headed back to Bay Front Park in South Beach Miami to gather more impressions from the crowds of tourists and beach goers. Bay Front Park is a scenic place, full of unique structures and aesthetic venues. We met veterans, local business owners, students, vacationers— so many great people who were excited to take part in a project that represents the unity and diversity of our great country! These wonderful people were willing to take time out of their vacations and their day to help support the mission of Flag for Hope and our team.

Today we met the firefighters of Miami-Dade Fire station on N. Miami Avenue. We look forward to collecting handprint impressions from the hardworking heroes of this beautiful city, and connecting their message of unity with the impressions from the other selfless civil servants we have met along the way. We always look forward to honoring the police and fire departments of each city we visit. They have all shown us enthusiastic support in sharing their stories and opening their hearts to us, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude!

Our final day in Miami will conclude with a very special visit to the Overtown Youth Center. We’ll be meeting in front of the gymnasium in the early morning to gather impressions from the staff and students of the amazing family center. The youth center was founded by the Margulies Foundation, and opened in early 2003. Since then, it has been helping the children of the Overtown community to explore opportunities in education, sports, the arts and more. We are very excited to meet the wonderful people who do so much for their community and to add their impressions to the Flag.

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