Coghlin Companies Team Takes the
Flag for Hope Pledge

The Flag for Hope Pledge promotes Unity, Honor and Peace for all Americans by describing behaviors that we can all agree are positive ways to build community.

Westborough, MA. March 8, 2017 –At 11:00am, on March 2, more than 50 employees of Coghlin Companies stood together to take the Flag for Hope Pledge to help build team, reinforce a high standard of interpersonal behavior, and to promote unity, honor and peace within Coghlin Companies and in the community.


The Caring Associates of Coghlin Companies assembled on their clean, bright, “6S’ed” manufacturing floor. Upon their arrival, each employee was given a Flag for Hope Pledge Challenge Coin to commemorate the occasion. The coins include an insert with the text of the pledge. 

Coghlin Companies CEO, Chris Coghlin, passionately spoke with his team about why they were participating in the Flag for Hope Pledge.

1.75" Challenge Coin - Logo Side

1.75″ Challenge Coin – Logo Side

“The number one reason why we have been successful as manufacturers for four generations is because of the Caring Associates that have joined this company… put your medallion in a very special place to remember this moment and to remember to treat every one of your fellow Caring Associates with the utmost respect, dignity, and pride, and always take the opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to a veteran.”

The goal is to have 1,000,000 Americans take the Flag for Hope Pledge in 2017. It consists of four behaviors:

  • To honor the contribution and sacrifice of active military, veterans,
    and first responders
  • To seek ways to serve others
     in my community
  • To resolve conflicts with an open heart and a generous spirit
  • To treat my neighbors with courtesy, dignity and respect

    Chris Coghlin, CEO Coghlin Companies

“Manufacturing organizations play a unique and valuable role in our communities – they provide career opportunities for a diverse set of individuals from all educational, social and economic backgrounds. Taking the Flag for Hope Pledge together is a powerful reminder to a whole team that the only way to succeed is to have respect for each other,” said Linda Kleineberg, Flag for Hope VP of Innovation & Development.

The pledge was inspired by almost 4,000 people who participated in creating the Flag for Hope by placing a hand or finger impression in acrylic paint on canvas to create a 9’x5’ American Flag. Each participant shared their perspective on what the American Flag means to them, and left a message for future generations.

“As we travelled more than 300,000 miles around America to create the Flag for Hope” said Christopher Cavedon, Flag for Hope CEO, “we were moved by the depth of feeling and emotion people have for our country and our flag. We knew we needed to find a way to capture and share the hope and positivity we saw in every city and state we visited.” 

Gallery From Coghlin Flag for Hope Pledge Event

About Coghlin Companies

Coghlin Companies, Inc. is a privately held Concept to Commercialization company providing time to market engineering and manufacturing services for its diversified innovation client base through its wholly owned subsidiaries Columbia Tech and Cogmedix. Columbia Tech provides product development, manufacturing, global fulfillment and aftermarket services through its “Time to Market at WARP SPEED™” mission. Cogmedix is an FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified manufacturing service provider of medical devices focusing on electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems through its “Medical Technology Brought to Life™” mission. Learn more about Coghlin Companies at and sign up for the e-newsletter.

About The Flag for Hope 

The Flag for Hope Promotes Unity, Honor, and Peace for All Americans. The blue field and red and white stripes were created by almost 4,000 Americans, including 500+ veterans, hundreds of police, fire and rescue, numerous Olympians and notable sports figures, business leaders, community leaders, pioneers in medicine and science, and everyday American patriots. The 50 Stars on The Flag for Hope were personally painted by 50 Iconic Americans, chosen for both their individual achievements and their exceptional service to others.

The 50 Flag for Hope Stars

Each Flag for Hope star individually painted his or her star and signed the back of the canvas.

  1. Senator John McCain
  2. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
  3. Muhammad Ali
  4. Battalion Chief Jack Pritchard
  5. Lee Ielpi
  6. John Mara
  7. Bonnie Blair
  8. Nadia Comaneci & Bart Connor
  9. George Foreman
  10. Bob Wieland
  11. Randy White
  12. Helene Neville
  13. Eric Heiden
  14. Kris Kristofferson
  15. Alan Hassenfeld
  16. Captain Florent Groberg
  18. Bill Walton
  19. Ann Meyers Drysdale
  20. Anita L. DeFrantz
  21. Richard “Dick” Enberg
  22. Lieutenant Brian Sweeney
  23. Dr. Leonard Bailey
  24. Tom Dreesen
  25. Gary Keller
  26. Ronnie Lott
  27. Mike Love
  28. Rick & Dick Hoyt
  29. Billie Jean King
  30. Bill Self
  31. Pat Boone
  32. Rafer Johnson
  33. Tom Selleck
  34. Jackie Joyner Kersee
  35. Dr. Craig Mello
  36. Gloria & Emilio Estefan
  37. Tamika Catchings
  38. Smokey Robinson
  39. Andy Garcia
  40. Admiral Patrick M. Walsh
  41. Jack Nicklaus
  42. Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson
  43. Carlos Santana
  44. Harvey Mackay
  45. Roger Staubach
  46. General Tom Ryan
  47. Sargent Melvin Morris
  48. Major General James Livingston
  49. Brigadier General Michael Neil
  50. General Colin Powell