Captain Florent Groberg Adds his Star to the Flag for Hope. On November 12th Captain was presented the Medal of Honor by President Obama at the White House.

Captain Florent Groberg Adds his Star to the Flag for Hope

Captain Florent Groberg’s Actions in Afghanistan on August 8th 2012

Groberg’s patrol observed several motorcyclists in his area. Groberg also spotted a lone individual near the left side of the formation, walking backwards in the direction of the patrol.

The individual made an abrupt turn toward his patrol. Groberg rushed the suspect and shoved him away. Groberg then immediately confirmed the individual was wearing a suicide vest. With the help of Sgt. Andrew Mahoney, a fellow Soldier with the Personal Security Detachment (PSD), grabbed the suicide bomber and physically pushed him down to the ground away from the formation.

On the ground, the bomber’s explosive vest detonated blowing Groberg 15-20 feet away. The explosion caused a second suicide bomber hiding behind a small structure to detonate his vest prematurely. Most of the blast of the second bomber’s suicide vest went into a building adjacent to the patrol. Groberg’s actions disrupted both bombers from detonating as planned, saving the majority of lives he was charged with protecting.

From the explosion, Groberg sustained the loss of 45 to 50 percent of his left calf muscle with significant nerve damage, a blown eardrum, and mild traumatic brain injury. Groberg spent his recovery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He was medically retired from Company B Warriors, Warrior Transition Battalion, as a captain, July 23, 2015.

Groberg’s other awards include:

  • Bronze Star Medal with one Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Purple Heart
  • Army Commendation Medal
  • Army Achievement Medal with one Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
  • The Afghanistan Campaign Medal with three Bronze Service Stars
  • Global War on Terrorism Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon
  • NATO Medal
  • Combat Infantryman Badge
  • U.S. Army Parachutists Badge
  • U.S. Army Ranger Tab
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation


What is Flag for Hope?

The Flag for Hope Project was started to help promote Unity and Peace among all Americans.

The Flag symbolically represents thousands of Americans holding hands without conflict or hatred. We are all one country and one people.  The Flag for Hope is NOT political.  It is about patriotism and coming together as a country.  NOW IS THE TIME!!!

The Flag for Hope Project is also about honor and respect for the men and women that have proudly worn a United States military uniform and fought for our freedoms. Flag for Hope is a reminder that Freedom Isn’t Free.  Many have sacrificed for the privileges that we all have today. This Flag signifies appreciation and gratitude for those individuals who serve in our communities like teachers, police, fire, doctors and nurses. It calls us to remember all Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of both foreign and domestic enemy attacks. If an American is harmed ANYWHERE, we all suffer and mourn.

The Flag for Hope team is led by U.S. Army veteran Marcos Antonio.  This epic mission was started at the Indianapolis 500 on May 23, 2015. Our goal is to collect approximately 3,000 – 4,000 American hand and finger impressions on a giant canvas to create the United States of America National Flag. We will accomplish this by going to over a 150 cities and roughly 300 – 400 locations.  Each participant will place their impression on the flag in either red, white, or blue paint. There will be 50 American Olympians that put their impression on the flag representing the 50 states and showing the solidarity of the entire nation.

Lastly, the 50 stars on the flag will be iconic Americans that have greatly contributed to the strength and well being of our country.  These individuals have inspired, empowered, and encouraged their fellow citizens through their actions as pioneers, role models, and leaders in our society.  They come from all backgrounds and embody the essence of the American spirit.

This historic project has never been attempted before and we will finish when every last American can fill the limited space on our 9×5 canvas panel. Finally, the Flag for Hope will be donated to a national museum like the Smithsonian for all Americans to view for generations to come.

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