American Veterans across the United States are supporting the Flag for Hope Project. American Veterans like Tony Davis from Lexington, Kentucky and WWII Veteran Bob Lavoie Hopkinton MA give their handprint impression and explains what America and the Flag means.

American Veteran Tony Davis

“You gotta do right when no one’s watching” – Marine Veteran Tony Davis



WWII Veteran Bob Lavoie, Hopkinton MA

“As it turned out the battle of Iwo was the bloodiest battle of WWII…that [gave] more importance to the flag as it toured this country” Bob Lavoie USMC Veteran as he leaves his handprint on the Flag for Hope.

About the Artist
Artist Marcos Antonio was born in Baitoa, a small town in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. He became a laborer at the age of 5 to help support his family of 11. In 1971, the family emigrated to New York and a few years later Marcos Antonio enlisted in the US Army, where he served for six years. He later acquired a business degree and became the owner of a cosmetic line. He sold his successful business in 1994 to dedicate himself entirely to painting, his life long passion. Marcos Antonio has exhibited his art work on three continents and has spoken about Latin American art at museums and galleries.