John Mara: “Thank you to those who serve…”

NY Giants owner, John Mara, painted Star #6 on The Flag for Hope on September 11, 2015. He was awarded his star in recognition of the quiet, sincere, and heartfelt support the Giants organization provided to New York & New Jersey 1st responders following 9/11. Giants players, ownership and staff brought no cameras, sought no publicity, and had no agenda other than to help heal a city in pain. We learned of the Giants’ extraordinary efforts only through conversations with members of the NYPD, NYFD, 9/11 Survivors, family members, and rescue workers.

John Mara is one of 50 American icons who painted the white stars on The Flag for Hope. He joins more than 4,000 Americans who also provided their hand and finger impressions to create the flag.  We are preserving, honoring, and curating the messages of hope shared by each participant. They are a poignant representation of who we are as a country.

John Mara

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