Beverly: “My Son is a war veteran…”

Beverly placed her hand impression in Greenville, SC on July 26, 2015. Beverly reflects on her son’s service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and her belief that the American Flag stands for Peace.

Beverly is one of more than 4,000 Americans who provided hand and finger impressions to create The Flag for Hope.  We are preserving, honoring, and curating their stories. They are a poignant representation of who we are as a country.





“My son is a war veteran, so this Flag represents my child. He went and fought for us in Iraq and he went and fought for us in Afghanistan. And this flag just makes me proud because my baby went and fought for it.

He came in one piece, he came home with his right mind, and I just am very thankful.

I’d just like to tell America to drop all of the violence and that we stand for peace. This flag stands for peace. Not for fighting for different other flags or anything… just peace. If we can have peace in America, then we can surely have peace in the whole world.”