Anthony: “September 11 is a never-ending book…”

Anthony placed his hand impression at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum on September 10, 2015. He spent 9 months working on the recovery efforts at Ground Zero following the tragedy. Anthony reflects on how we can come together to create change, and how 9/11 was not an event that happened on a single day, that it is a “never ending book” that continues to be written.

Anthony is one of more than 4,000 Americans who provided hand and finger impressions to create The Flag for Hope.  We are preserving, honoring, and curating their stories. They are a poignant representation of who we are as a country.



What does the American Flag mean to you?

It means that it gives me the ability to stand here today, to be honored this way because it truly is an honor. It also helps me remember all the veterans who give so much to us.My father was in World War II, and everybody before him and everybody after him that serves… gives us the opportunity to be here and to be part of this ceremony, which I think is very, very special. I hope it really unites everyone together.

Would you like to leave a message to your fellow Americans?

I would. I would just say that between all of us… if I do a little bit, you do a little bit, and the next person does a little bit… one by one, we can change things without just changing them [within] ourselves. So I think we need each other to change things, because when you’re a group of caring people – of loving people – it just makes life a little bit better.

Can you tell me a little bit about you?

Most of these pins – and many more pins I have at home – I wear with great pride. On September 11, when I came down here…  and I was here for 9 months in the recovery and clean-up… some of these pins I’ve gathered along the years. Many of them are from when I was down here… that were given to me by different people, different organizations… and I wear them around my neck to remember September 11. For September 11 is a never-ending book. It’s been fourteen years since September 11, and each day there’s a word, sentence, or page entered into that book. And this just helps me keep close to it.